Concert Feedback

Congratulations on a successful YWPS music concert!!! Everyone did a fabulous job, and the smiles on kids faces said it all.


Firstly, thank you SO much for getting Casper and Rex to the standard of performance we saw tonight. It was absolutely amazing to see them sing with such vigour and conviction. It must be very satisfying for you as their teacher. It’s just amazing for us.


Just wanted to thank you and your teachers for this lovely musical chapter in our lives.


Thank you for yesterday, we had a terrific time and I was blown away by all the students and the confidence they had, such little wonders. Veena had an extra special time and enjoyed her very first music concert.


Last night was awesome thank you for the efforts that you and your team put in. The passion you have for the music and the children shows, it was a lovely evening.

Thanks Paul!
It was a great concert last night. We were very impressed by the students’ ability and confidence.
A huge thank you to you and your staff for all of your time and effort to make the YWPS Music Program so incredible! You all do an amazing job. Thank you so much!

Thanks Paul and all the team.

Congratulations! Last night was another fabulous show.

We are so lucky to have you guys running the Music Program at school and the concert is such a great opportunity for the kids to showcase their talents as part of a band. Well done to everyone who helped put the show together and thank you. Awesome, talented kids and teachers.


Just wanted to say a big thank you to yourself, Sam and all the music team for another great concert. It is always very impressive and clearly a lot of work goes on in the background to pull it all off.  We are very appreciative!


Hi Paul, just thought I’d give you some feedback re concert, we thought it was great, the support the kids get is just fantastic.  An idea maybe for next year if the teachers perhaps play a finale song as a band, just to let the kids see what is possible when they all become rock stars 🙂  Maybe give them a little extra inspiration and allow them to see how to really enjoy the music. Just a thought Thanks for a great musical year.


Fantastic concert last night a huge thanks to you and all your wonderful colleagues on the YWPS music program. What amazing commitment and effort.

That concert was incredible!!! I am so pleased my children get to be a part of this and as teacher, I appreciate the enormous effort on your part that goes into something like this. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for the amazing music program you run at YWPS! We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have you and your wonderful team providing our kids with such an encouraging environment and such a high-quality program.  So many, many thanks!

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