Buying Instruments

It is very important for students to have a good quality instrument to practice on at home. At the bottom of this page are links to a few local music shops.

Sometimes you can find good deals on the internet, but going to a shop is best. There you can see and play the instruments and get proper advice.

At school we use Yamaha keyboards and they have proven to be reliable and sturdy. A ‘touch sensitive’ (PSR series) is recommended (online new YAMAHA PSR E353 from $350). The more recent PSR is around $450, and has better quality speakers and sounds. After a year or two of lessons, in order to develop proper technique, it’s important to upgrade to a weighted keys keyboard (feels like playing a piano), new from about $600 or a real piano of course! GH Music sells Yamaha keyboards and has a great variety of keyboards you can try (take your budding musician along!). Worth looking on Gumtree/Ebay also.

Student model acoustic guitars are relatively inexpensive. Young beginners may need a 1/2 size guitar (you can enquire with the teacher after a lesson or two), older students a 3/4 size. Prices start at about $100. For our CD recording I bought a Yamaha 3/4 size guitar, they are better quality and have a brighter sound. Electric guitar can be played from grade 4 and up, especially if it’s full size (3/4 size definitely an option!). A quality student Fender with practice amplifier retails for around $400. Don’t spend much less than this, it could be a lemon!  Acoustic Centre (Sth Melb) is a guitarist’s paradise! Closer by Scarlett Music and GH Music are good music shops too.

You can buy a beginner (almost a toy) ukulele for around $30. Make sure the tuning pegs work properly! But much better to buy a good quality one (from about $150).

Violins are available in 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 size. If unsure about size, consult with your child’s teacher. Susan (our violin teacher) recommends Stentor violins. Other recommended brands are Gliga, Ragetti and Sandner. Vincent Hayes has a great workshop in Williamstown and supplies and services quality instruments at a reasonable price. Take your child along to his workshop, it’s inspiring! Contact Vincent mob: 0425 706 667. Vincent may be away on the Sea Shepherd though.

Wind and Brass instruments
Recorders are available for about $20 at music shops. Yamaha is a dependable brand.
For clarinet, saxophone and flute and trumpet I recommend Ozwinds ( They offer good advice and sell quality student instruments at a reasonable price. It’s worth the drive.

If you have further enquiries about instrument purchase, please contact us via the contact form?

Local Music Shops
GH Music
Scarlett Music