The music program fostered enjoyment for learning music in an uncompetitive yet challenging environment. We encouraged our students to compose songs, write lyrics or suggest existing songs they would like to learn as well explore music theory, history and different genres. As you can see on this website, we were a highly visible and audible part of the Yarraville West Primary community! The concerts in term 4 every year were a fantastic musical experience for students. 

Tuition was available in:
Keyboards/piano, guitar, ukulele, singing, recorder, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet.

Music Introduction/help with instrument choice
Please read through the information below. For parents unsure which instrument would suit their child, we could introduce her/him to a variety of instruments and teachers over a period of 5 weeks, so that you and your child could make an informed decision.

Solo concerts/Group performance
Students worked towards a solo performance at the end of term 2 and all 2nd year grade 4, 5 and 6 students participated in a concert in Term 4 (click here for concert feedback from parents). These were not only fun for students, but also stimulated practice at home. Over time students developed confidence performing in front of an audience. In preparation for the Term 4 concert, there were two weeks of rehearsals instead of regular lessons.

Teaching Style
Our approach to music teaching was student led – find out how and what students learn most easily and use this as a springboard for further learning. Our first objective was to make playing music enjoyable. Initially there was little emphasis on the ‘brainless scale playing’ that we may remember from our childhood. Scales and chords will naturally come up through the choices students make. Music theory focused on discovering how simple the basics of keys, scales and harmony actually are. Music exams could be undertaken after a minimum of 2 years of lessons.