Workbook competition winners 2018

There was so much fantastic artwork that we had to pick extra winners, there’s 10 all together.
Five workbooks with different front and back covers! They are at the printer’s at the moment, winners will get their copies as soon as they come off the press… Congratulations Emilia Wynn, Claire Harpur, Clementine Huon, Madeline Younan, Ava Harpur, Natalie Jovanovska, Nate Reid, Aranee Santhan, Mia Smith and Nate Reid (oops again!). I will hang up a lot of the artwork in the music rooms in the next week or so.

Frontcover 1: Emilia Wynn

Back cover 1: Claire Harpur

Front 2: Clementine Huon

Back 2: Madeline Younan

Front 3: Ava Harpur

Back 3: Natalie Jovanovska

Front 4: Nate Reid

Back 4: Aranee Santhan

Front 5: Mia Smith

Back 5: Nate Reid