“Blame it on the Boogie” Finale 2018

School Band “Rolling Pebbles” with “Should I stay or should I go”

Miracle school band with “Scar”

All of the 2018 songs were performed at the concert + “The Rolling Pebbles” and “Miracle” bands!

YWPS Students, Choirs and school band performs “One Song” MCUI 2018
sorry about the wobbles!

We have lots of great entries again this year!
You can listen to all 12 compositions below and as always I will try to include as many as possible for the recording in term 3. They are in random order. Keep composing everyone!

  1. Ryland Mitchell 0:59
  2. Rosie Gaden -A New Path- Song Writing Submission 1 4:15
  3. Meredith Song Idea, -There For Me- 1 3:23
  4. Edie Beach-Dix Song Idea 3:24
  5. Stalker Blues Lenny Mcilrath 2:27
  6. Tiger Tiger - Frances Ardley 1 0:53
  7. India Estall 2:53
  8. Grace Gilmartin Song Writing 2 3:20
  9. Sunshine Leila and Riley Todd) 2:00
  10. Island Mail 1 2:58
  11. Lola Salazar Yesterday 3:18
  12. Lola keogh - Otto's Dance 2 1:07

2017 from here

  1. Up - Riley Todd Songcomp2017 2:54
  2. Tessa Mcsherry Rexy is a king Songcomp2017 1:02
  3. Sofia Vlachos- Music On My Heart Songcomp2017 2:48
  4. Simeon Baker - the planets Songcomp2017 0:53
  5. Simeon Baker - Waitings Songcomp2017 1:13
  6. My View - Charlie Warner Songcomp2017 1:47
  7. Mia Smith - Yummy Chocolate Songcomp2017 1:37
  8. Lola Probert - Please Can I Songcomp2017 1:07
  9. Lola Salazar Songcomp2017 1:18
  10. Lenny McIlrath- Stalker Blues Songcomp2017 0:54
  11. Barnaby Olive- Greatest Wealth Songcomp2017 0:53
  12. Foster Swain family - Brewster The Rooster Jennie Swain 2:52

Workbook Cover Competition WINNERS!
We’re printing 3 different ones this year, so 6 winners!

The other great entries are here

Gemma Nguyen front cover 1

Ava Harpur front cover 2

Chloe Hodgman front cover 3

Taya Argus back cover

Barnaby Olive back cover

and last but not least Emi Wong back cover


conc poster YW

Music program “Let it Play” band with students and choir at music count us in performance.
(Thanks Erin for the photo!)


CD cover: Thanh Truong

2016 Workbook cover 1: Ava Harpur

2016 Workbook cover 2: Chloe Marum

Back cover 1: Lucy Keogh

Workbook back cover 2: Rex Collis


  1. I wanna Rock Instrumental, Tom McMahon 0:45
  2. I wanna Rock, Casper And Rex 0:50
  3. Frontline 1, Lulu 1:50
  4. Frontline 2, Lulu 1:54
  5. See the World, Evie 0:31
  6. Untitled, Amelie & Laila 1:26
  7. Two Cats, Jemima 1:57

Music Program Finale 2015!



solo conc poster KV

Some photos from the “Gold” performance at school on Oct 29th.

The Schoolband in a serious promotion shot…

IMG_1651IMG_1653 IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1659

Songwriting Challenge 2015
A diverse collection of 11 great compositions, well done everyone!
We will include as many as possible on the CD this year. Winners will be announced after the July holidays.
The songs are in random order

  1. Daisy and Harper 1:21
  2. Get on your nerves, Marly 1:13
  3. I don't wanna go, Charlotte and Ilana 3:02
  4. James Keating's 0:26
  5. Sarah's Song 2:50
  6. Black Skull, Wyatts 1:22
  7. Close your Eyes, Lulu Lulu Lamont 3:28
  8. Lurking Mischief, Tom 1:54
  9. Phoenix, Madeleine 2:32
  10. Nina's song 1:52
  11. Copy Cat, Meredith 1:31

Basic RGB


It was hard to pick winners, there were so many great entries! Don’t give up if you didn’t win this time, we have a CD cover art competition later in the year…
See the winners and runners up below:

winner front cover: Meredith Whitaker


winner Back cover: Luka and Gabe Havir


runner up: Lulu Lamont


runner up: Sophie Kennedy