Buy Jadida’s new release vinyl album
“Some Place New” or a digital download code

Recent performance at The Bar Nextdoor, Northcote, special guest Ousmane Sonko on percussion.

Due to the Melbourne lockdown, we did a couple of remote recordings with all of us playing at our homes, recorded on our phones!

Buy Jadida’s new release vinyl album
“Some Place New” or a digital download code

Above a little from one of Jadida’s rehearsals on the back porch.

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Bursting with sheer talent and sophisticated musicality, Jadida pulls together the strands of different cultures into a unique sound that is heavily grounded in North African, Middle Eastern and Bollywood influences. Their live performances are a funky celebration of music and dance, enhanced by dancer extraordinaire Josie Palermo.

Below is an audio sample from their previous EP “from Mumbai to Marrakesh” recorded live a few years ago.

Jadida “From Marrakech to Mumbai on Bandcamp

  1. jadida sample 2:27

Jadida has performed at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Arts Centre Melbourne, and a string of festivals including Apollo Bay Music Festival, Globe to Globe and Rhythms of Africa at Werribee Open Range Zoo. Paul Holleman, Beulah Joseph and Phil Gunter took few years off to do further study overseas and work on different projects. Paul performed with Afro Mandinko over that period. Jadida reformed again recently with new members Jerome Holleman on drums and Phil McGowan on bass, and have kicked off with gigs at festivals and stages around Victoria. This year they recorded their new¬† album, “Some Place New“.

Jadida are Phil Gunter oud/percussion, Phil McGowan bass, Paul Holleman saxes/percussion, Jerome Holleman drums, Beulah Joseph vocals and Josie Palermo dance.
Guest percussionists: Boubacar Gaye, Rosco Heck, Michael Sacks, Matt Stonehouse and Caitlin French on violin.